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WELCOME TO BAY HARBOR ISLANDS An energetic coastal town

A causeway gracefully links the charming town of Bay Harbor Islands with the Miami mainland. Nestled in the heart of this idyllic locale is a meticulously maintained promenade, offering a delightful array of retail establishments and excellent dining options. Additionally, two captivating public art sculptures, “Heart” by Romero Brito and “Love” by Robert Indiana, adorn this picturesque town.

Bay Harbor comprises two distinct islands: the 105-acre East Island, featuring multi-family housing and a bustling business district replete with a diverse range of products and services for its residents, and the 103-acre West Island, characterized by single-family residences. Within Bay Harbor Islands, you’ll discover the Ruth K. Broad Bay Harbor K-8 Center, as well as a thriving shopping scene, superb dining establishments, a tot-lot playground, tennis courts, and two enchanting parks. Biscayne Bay serves as the natural barrier that separates these islands from the mainland.

Residents of Bay Harbor Islands are privileged to relish the most breathtaking waterfront views of the bay, bask in the soothing ambiance provided by Florida’s abundant sunshine and gentle breezes, and savor the enchanting spectacle of Miami’s sparkling skyline as night descends.