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You can truly sense the vibrant pulse coursing through the arteries of this bustling global metropolis. In the heart of Miami, Downtown boasts an array of international corporate headquarters, exquisite dining establishments, a ceaseless 24/7 nightlife and music scene, poignant historical monuments, and an illustrious sports arena nestled along the shores of Biscayne Bay.


The Bayside marketplace beckons with its 150 eclectic shops, diverse culinary delights, and an enormous Ferris wheel that bestows breathtaking vistas of the Miami cityscape. This alfresco shopping haven is an epicurean haven with offerings from around the globe, featuring live music, captivating performances, and a backdrop of water activities, all evoking an exuberant, celebratory atmosphere by the waterfront.

For aficionados of fine jewelry, Downtown Miami holds a treasure trove of delights. The Seybold Building, the second-largest jewelry establishment in the United States, stands as a historic gem. This ten-story architectural marvel is a veritable sanctuary for silver, gold, diamonds, and more. Whether you seek vintage Rolexes or the latest million-dollar Richard Milles of the season, Seybold is your ultimate destination.