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WELCOME TO PINECREST A highly sought-after residential area in Miami-Dade County.

Pinecrest, a municipality established in 1996 within Miami-Dade County, stands as one of the area’s newer residential gems. This upscale suburban enclave is characterized by its abundant, verdant tropical landscapes, offering a peaceful escape from the urban commotion, yet remaining conveniently close for work commutes and nights on the town. The proud Pinecrest community boasts a reputation for hosting some of the nation’s finest educational institutions and is spread across 8 square miles, featuring numerous ranch-style estate homes.

Exceptional Educational Opportunities

Pinecrest is widely celebrated for its exceptional blend of both public and private schools, making it a magnet for many young, affluent families seeking a superior educational environment. Among the prestigious institutions, Gulliver Prep stands out, enrolling children of professional athletes and prominent community figures, drawing comparisons to the distinguished academies of the northeastern United States. Initially, Pinecrest attracted families who sought refuge in South Florida during the winter months. Additionally, the Pinecrest area enjoys a desirable zip code known for its high-quality public schools, with Palmetto Senior High School taking a prominent place in this academic landscape.