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WELCOME TO WESTON A Carefully Designed Community

Prides itself on being a family-oriented and very safe place for people to live and work.

Nestled amidst the Everglades, Southwest Ranches, Sunrise, and Davie, Weston stands as the westernmost enclave within Broward County. Distinguished as the county’s sole meticulously planned community, the city of Weston boasts a reputation for its family-centric atmosphere and unwavering commitment to safety. Over 67,000 residents proudly call Weston home, and there’s a plethora of compelling reasons for their allegiance.

An Exemplary Municipality

Since its incorporation in 1996, Weston has accumulated a litany of accomplishments that rightfully inspire civic pride. These achievements encompass having the lowest per capita crime rate in all of Broward County, the most favorable combination of taxes and fees in the county, which includes property taxes, and the maintenance of the lowest millage rate in the region.

In both 2008 and 2012, Money Magazine honored Weston by naming it one of “America’s Best Small Cities.” Furthermore, Weston has consistently featured in the Top 25 Wealthiest Zip Codes, with three of its zip codes ranking among the top 10 in 2014. In 2013, the League of American Bicyclists even designated Weston a Bicycle Friendly Community. The city’s exceptional status was reaffirmed in 2016 when Money Magazine ranked Weston No. 8 among the Best Places to Live in America.

Clearly, Weston takes great pride in its status as a paragon of excellence.

A Masterfully Planned Locale

As a thoughtfully designed community, Weston places a premium on ensuring a high quality of life for its residents while preserving the natural splendor of South Florida. Rows of majestic Royal Palms gracefully adorn the city’s roads and medians. Fourteen parks and recreational facilities receive meticulous care to provide citizens with spaces for leisure and enjoyment. Due to its proximity to the Everglades, Weston places special emphasis on conserving the region’s natural resources, meticulously maintaining 2,200 acres of wetland preserves.

The mark of a planned community is unmistakable, as Weston is dotted with well-kept, thoughtfully laid-out neighborhoods and communities. Those in search of ranch-style single-family homes can explore communities like the Islanders. For those seeking an exclusive and upscale setting, Winding Ridge, Windmill Ranch Estates, and Weston Hills offer a range of options. Modern luxury living can be found in Botaniko Weston, a community of 135 lavish single-family homes meticulously designed by award-winning architects Chad Oppenheim and Roney J. Mateu.

In keeping with its family-friendly ethos, Weston boasts A-rated schools that enjoy widespread acclaim. Among these institutions are Imagine Charter School, Falcon Cove Middle School, Manatee Bay Elementary, Eagle Point Elementary, and Cypress Bay High School. Parents can rest assured that their children will receive an exceptional education at any of the public schools in Weston. Furthermore, private education options abound, including The Sagemont School, Weston Christian Academy, and Three Village Montessori School.

Weston stands as a masterfully maintained and meticulously planned community within Broward County. If you seek luxury and comfort, Weston should top your list of considerations. Broker Patty Da Silva is ready to assist you in discovering the home of your dreams in the neighborhood that best suits your preferences.